coremark - Running points#

Adapted Air780E/Air700E Air780EP/Air780EPV Air601 Air101/Air103 Air105 ESP32C3 ESP32S3


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Start running points



Return Value

return value type



No return value, the result is directly printed in the log


-- In most cases, this library will not be included in the official version of the firmware.
-- If you need to use it, you can refer to the wiki document to compile it yourself or use cloud compilation.

-- The main.lua running score should remove the hard dog code to prevent restart.
-- If the device supports automatic hibernation, the hibernation function should be turned off.
-- If the device supports more frequency operation, it is recommended to set the highest frequency
-- higher fraction using-O3 than-O2-OS, typically

-- Will keep the exclusive thread until the execution is completed, and then output the result in the console.

-- Run points figure a happy^_^