keyboard - Keyboard Matrix#

Adapted Air105


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This library has its own demo,click this link to view keyboard demo examples

keyboard.init(port, conf, map, debounce)#

Initialize keyboard matrix


Incoming Value Type



Reserved, currently filled 0


The keyboard pin mask that is enabled. For example, if keyboard0 ~ 9 is used, the mask is 0x1FF. If 0~3 is used, the mask is 0x1FF. 0xF


keyboard Pin direction mapping, where the input is 0 and the output is 1, set by bit. For example, keyboard0 ~ 3 as input and keyboard4 ~ 7 as input, then 0xF0


Shake elimination configuration, reserved, can not fill in

Return Value



-- Make a 4*4 keyboard matrix and use keyboard0 ~ 7, where 0~3 is input and 4~7 is output.
-- Using keyboard0 ~ 7, the corresponding conf is 0xFF
-- Where 0~3 is input and 4~7 is output, corresponding to map 0xF0
keyboard.init(0, 0xFF, 0xF0)

-- Make a 2*3 keyboard matrix and use keyboard0 ~ 4, where 0~1 is input and 2~4 is output.
-- Using keyboard0 ~ 4, the binary is 11111, and the hexadecimal expression of the corresponding conf is 0x1F
-- Where 0~1 is input, 2~4 is output, and binary is 11100 corresponding to map 0x14
-- keyboard.init(0, 0xFF, 0x14)

sys.subscribe("KB_INC", function(port, data, state)
    -- port Currently fixed to 0, can be ignored
    -- data, Need to cooperate with init map for parsing
    -- state, 1 is pressed, 0 is released
    -- TODO Detailed introduction