lbsLoc - lbsLoc Sending Base Station Location Request#

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--Note: due to the use of sys.wait() all apis need to be used in the coroutine
--Usage Examples
--Note: The PRODUCT_KEY here is for demonstration purposes only and should not be used in a production environment
--In mass production projects, you must use the project productKey created in, which can be viewed in the project details.
--The coordinate system of base station positioning is WSG84
PRODUCT_KEY = "v32xEAKsGTIEQxtqgwCldp5aPlcnPs3K"
local lbsLoc = require("lbsLoc")
-- Function: Obtain the callback function after the longitude and latitude corresponding to the base station
-- Parameters:-result:number type, 0 indicates success, 1 indicates that the network environment is not ready, 2 indicates that the connection server failed, 3 indicates that the sending data failed, 4 indicates that the receiving server responded with timeout, and 5 indicates that the server returned the query failed; When it is 0, the following 5 parameters are meaningful
        -- lat:string Type, latitude, integer part 3 digits, decimal part 7 digits, for example 031.2425864
        -- lng:string Type, longitude, integer part 3 digits, decimal part 7 digits, for example 121.4736522
        -- addr:currently meaningless
        -- time:string Type or nil, time returned by the server, 6 bytes, year, month, day, hour, minute, second, need to be converted to hexadecimal read
            -- First byte: year minus 2000, for example, 2017 0x11
            -- The second byte: month, for example, 0x 07 in July and 0x 07 in December 0x0C
            -- The third byte: day, for example, the 11th is 0x0B
            -- The fourth byte: when, for example, 18 0x12
            -- The fifth byte: minutes, for example, 59 minutes is 0x3B
            -- The sixth byte: seconds, for example, 48 seconds 0x30
        -- locType:numble Type or nil, positioning type, 0 means base station positioning success, 255 means WIFI positioning success
function getLocCb(result, lat, lng, addr, time, locType)"testLbsLoc.getLocCb", result, lat, lng)
    -- Obtain latitude and longitude successfully, coordinate system WGS84
    if result == 0 then"Time returned by the server", time:toHex())"Positioning type, base station positioning successfully returned 0", locType)

    sys.waitUntil("IP_READY", 30000)
    while 1 do
        sys.waitUntil("CELL_INFO_UPDATE", 3000)


Sending Base Station Location Request


Incoming Value Type



cbFnc User callback function, the callback function is called in the form:cbFnc(result,lat,lng,addr,time,locType)


reqAddr Whether to request the server to return specific location string information is no longer supported, fill false or nil


timeout Request timeout, in milliseconds. The default value is 20000 milliseconds.


productKey IOT The product KEY on the website, if the PRODUCT_KEY variable is defined in main.lua, this parameter can be passed.nil


host Server domain name, default “”, optional alternate server (not guaranteed to be available) “”


port Server port, default “12411”, generally do not need to set



Return Value



-- Reminder: The returned coordinate value is the WGS84 coordinate system