Air105 Development Board#


Development board instructions document

Air105 Development board instructions

Development Board Schematic: CORE-Air105-V1.1.pdf

Brush machine burning tutorial#

Serial Burn Tutorial

Firmware Download

**Note: Please set the baud rate to 1500000 * * before burning, and check “Universal Serial Port Printing”, otherwise the log will be garbled after flashing..

Development Board PinOut#

3 LEDs are respectively PD14/PD15/PC3


Development board pin size:

  1. Distance between pins, 10mil, 2.54mm

  2. Distance between two rows of pins, 700mil, 17.78mm

Note: SPI5 for HSPI programming, ADC part, LuatOS does not enable internal voltage division, channel 1~6 acquisition voltage range 0~1.8V