Air302 Module#

The program has released the final version and is no longer updated

Air302 What is it??#

The full Air302 is a NB-IOT module based on the core shifting EC616. The package size is compatible with the full Air202, and the functional pins are basically in one-to-one correspondence..

LuatOS What functions are provided for it#

  • 192kb of system memory, available memory approx.30kb

  • 78kb Lua exclusive memory, available memory of about 60kb

  • The file system size is 332kb, the format littlefs is 2.1, and the available space is about 200kb

LuatOS Large QQ group: 1061642968

Firmware Download#

The official version can be downloaded from the release page.๏ผš

Brush machine burning tutorial#

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Other information#