Air601 Chip#

Air601 Integrated 32-bit riscv processor, maximum frequency 240MHz, built-in 1MB flash and 288K SRAM(LuaOS available 94K)

Has a wealth of peripheral interface:

  • GPIO*18

  • UART*5 Up to baud rate 2Mbps

  • SPI*1

  • I2C*1 LuatOS Development can use multi-channel software I2C, support any pin

  • PWM*5

  • ADC*2 16 Bit sampling, up to 1K sampling rate

  • SDIO*1

Wi-Fi Security Support Wi-Fi WMM/WMM-PS/WPA/WPA2/WPS;

Support 20/40MHz bandwidth, up to 150Mbps rate;

Support Station, Station SoftAP, SoftAP mode;

Support TLS encryption communication, hardware encryption module acceleration, support multiple TLS connection;

Support fota air upgrade;

Support low power sleep, sleep current is less 20 μA

Air601-12F Module#

  • Air601-12F It is a Wi-Fi-BLE two-in-one communication module launched by Zeus Communications.;

  • Air601-12F USES the joint Air601 chip platform, support Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n protocol, support BLE 4.2 protocol;

  • Air601-12F Compatible with the industry mainstream 12F package (SMD-22), onboard PCB antenna, extreme cost, to meet the needs of miniaturization and low cost;

  • Air601-12F Support AT instruction development, instruction set compatible, seamless replacement.