Air700E Additional instructions#

Characteristic Description#

  1. Only supports TDD, does not support FDD, so only supports mobile networks

  2. MAIN_RI GPIO with Air780E/Air780EG is different GPIO21

  3. The development board does not have codec and does not support soft DAC audio output.

  4. No I2C0, only I2C1

About Packaging and Software#

  1. External package, Air700E is the ultimate small package

  2. AT Firmware must be V1120 or above, LuatOS firmware must be V1106 or above

Development Board pinout#

The default will not automatically boot, to * * long press pwrkey key for 2 seconds to boot**

The power light is on when the power is connected, * * when the power light is on, it does not mean that the power is on * *, and COM equipment will only appear when the computer is connected and turned on.

Development board pin size:

  1. Distance between pins, 10mil, 2.54mm

  2. Distance between two rows of pins, 700mil, 17.78mm

The keys on the development board are BOOT(GPIO0), RESET (reset), PWR (power-on button) LED lights(GPIO27)