Air780E Module (EC618 Series General)#

This series of documents applies to EC618 series modules, including but not limited Air780E/Air780EG/Air700E/Air600E

What is the EC618 series module (typically Air780E)?#

LTE Cat launched by Zeo Communications. 1 bis communication module, using the core-shifting EC618 platform, supports 4G Netcom, including modules:

  1. Air780E โ€“ 4G Cat.1

  2. Air780EG โ€“ Air780E+Air510U,Support GNSS/GPS satellite positioning

  3. Air700E โ€“ Small Package, TDD Only Module, China Mobile Card Only

  4. Air600E โ€“ Compatible package, does not recommend secondary development

Main features:

  • Support dual card single standby, only support 4G network, do not support 2G/3G/5G, also do not support Wifi communication

  • Support USB 2.0, only CDC function, does not support HID and host mode

  • Support I2S digital voice interface, also support soft DAC audio output

LuatOS What functions are provided for it#

  • Available Lua memory: default 256k, up 300k

  • Script space: default 128k, highest 448k

  • Basic Peripherals: GPIO/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC

  • Network function: Mobile/TCP/UDP/Http/Mqtt/WebSocket/FTP/NTP/SMS

  • UI Display: LCD/Eink/U8G2/LVGL

  • Voice playback: MP3/AMR/TTS

Note that due to the limitations of the chip platform, the following functions cannot be implemented or have limitations:

  1. 2G/3G/5G communication not supported

  2. SMS sending and receiving of telecom network is not supported

  3. wifi communication is not supported, only in specific scenarios wifi scan

  4. Does not support VoLTE, does not support 2G/3G voice

  5. Supported but not recommend use LVGL

Air780EG of the differences, please refer to the documentation Air780EG for additional instructions

Firmware Download#

The official version can be downloaded from the release page, and the firmware of the entire series is common.๏ผš

Brush machine burning tutorial#