Air780EP Module (EC718P Series General)#

This series of documents applies to the EC718P series module

What is the EC718P series module (typically Air780EP)?#

LTE Cat launched by Zeo Communication. 1 bis communication module, using the core-shifting EC718P platform, supports 4G Netcom, including modules:

  1. Air780EP โ€“ 4G Cat.1

Main features:

  • Support dual card single standby, only support 4G network, do not support 2G/3G/5G, also do not support Wifi communication

  • Support USB 2.0, only CDC function, does not support HID and host mode

  • Support I2S digital voice interface, also support soft DAC audio output

LuatOS What functions are provided for it#

  • Available Lua memory: default 256k, up 300k

  • script space: default 256k

  • Basic Peripherals: GPIO/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC

  • Network function: Mobile/TCP/UDP/Http/Mqtt/WebSocket/FTP/NTP/SMS

  • UI Display: LCD/Eink/U8G2/LVGL

  • Voice playback: MP3/AMR/TTS

Note that due to the limitations of the chip platform, the following functions cannot be implemented or have limitations:

  1. 2G/3G/5G communication not supported

  2. Support mobile and Unicom SMS sending and receiving, only Air780EPV support โ€˜telecomโ€™ network SMS sending and receiving

  3. โ€˜wifiโ€™ communication is not supported, only in specific scenarios wifi scan

  4. Air780EPV support only VoLTE

  5. Support Use LVGL

Firmware Download#

The official version can be downloaded from the release page, and the firmware of the entire series is common.๏ผš

Firmware Download Alternate Address

Brush machine burning tutorial#