Generate and manage luadb files#

luadb It is one of the core file systems used by LuatOS and is used to store scripts and resource files for line brushes.

For a detailed description of the file system, see LuaDB File System

Load script from folder and generate luadb file#

luatos-pc.exe F:\user_script\ --dump_luadb=disk.fs --norun=1 --luac_strip=0

Parameter Interpretation:

  • F:\user_script\ : Specify the folder where the script is located. All lua files will be loaded. Note that the end of โ€˜โ€™ is required.

  • --dump_luadb=disk.fs : Specify the file name of the build

  • --norun=1 : Do not execute script, exit after export

  • --luac_strip=0 : Whether to remove debugging information, 0 does not remove comments, 1 removes comments, but retains debugging information of main.lua, 2 removes all debugging information