๐Ÿš— Air105#

Usually you donโ€™t need this document, this is a high-level document for self-expanding firmware.

The firmware package we provide contains the compiled firmware (soc suffix๏ผ‰

If you just want to add an existing library to the firmware, you can use our Online Cloud Compilation to generate a custom firmware.

If you are looking for application-oriented documents such as machine brushing/compiling lua scripts, then this document is not what you need to check.

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Prepare the environment#

Windows Platform Users#

Install 7-zip, it is recommended to keep the default folder๏ผ๏ผ๏ผ

Install xmake and restart the computer after installation๏ผ๏ผ๏ผ

Linux Platform Users#

**Install 7-zip with xmake!!! **, each platform has different loading methods (apt/yum/pacman), search for it yourself

Prepare the project#

recommend to use git, if you download zip, you must decompress and change the folder name.!!!

Clone the LuatOS main warehouse to the appropriate location. If you are not familiar with git, strongly establish Getting Started

git clone https://gitee.com/openLuat/LuatOS.git

Then clone the Air105 project to the same directory as the LuatOS main repository.

git clone https://gitee.com/openLuat/luatos-soc-air105.git

It must be placed according to the following directory structure, taking D:\gitee as an example

LuatOS Main library code D:\gitee\LuatOS
Air101 Adaptation code D:\gitee\luatos-soc-air105

Checkpoint, if the path is correct, the following file path must exist. If it cannot be found, it must be a naming problem. It is futile to add it manually. 


Any additional characters are not available, e.g. LuatOS-master is the wrong name

Libraries in Custom Firmware#

Open app/port/luat_conf_bsp.h to comment or uncomment as needed. Note that if the firmware does not fit, the compilation will fail.


Enter the 105 warehouse directory, executive xmake, and start compiling. The generated file will be in the build/out/directory with.soc as the suffix

More convenient method-xmake plugin#

The above compilation method has run through and can be compiled normally before looking here.๏ผ๏ผ๏ผ

vscode Install the xmake plugin in


vscode Open the luatos-soc-air105 in directly click build below to compile