Power and Low Power Management#

Basic information#

  • Date of drafting: 2019-11-28

  • Designer: wendal

Why you need power and low power management#

  • mcu usually provides multiple low power consumption levels, some levels can continue to run lua, some can only run C

Design ideas and boundaries#

  • A C API that manages and abstracts power, providing a set of Lua APIs for user code to call

  • User can request direct access to the specified low power level

C API(Platform layer)#

uint32_t luat_pm_mode(uint8_t mode);

Lua API#


pm.IDLE   -- Idle mode, high power consumption
pm.SLEEP1 -- Sleep mode 1, main memory does not power down, low power memory (lpmem) power down
pm.SLEEP2 -- Sleep mode 2, main memory power down, low power memory (lpmem) does not power down
pm.HIB    -- stop mode, only timer or gpio can wake up

Enter the specified power level#


Relevant knowledge points#

  • Luat core mechanism