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IoT Power CC Is a fully functional, stable and reliable small handheld high-precision power meter, it can:

  • Measure voltage and current of low-power devices via USB C power supply

  • Different from other USB meters, the voltage and current at the output terminal are measured to reflect the actual power consumption of the device.

  • Connect PD fast charge charger (support PPS), decoy the specified voltage and current output

  • Maximum voltage 24V, maximum current 5A

  • Current Multi-channel synchronous sampling, no shift delay, highest resolution 0.15μA

  • High precision, small error, details can be found in technical indicators, welcome to verify

  • Up to 10KHz sampling rate to meet the power consumption test requirements of cellular modules, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.

  • You can connect a PC client to view and analyze the current waveform, or use the command line version to capture serial port data (such as strawberry pie) on any device (win/linux/mac) and use the pc client to import and view

  • Shell data is open, open source shell address

IoT Power CC Is the majority of users carry the ideal test tool.


If you are using such equipment for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you check FAQ List

Connection usage

Show the connection mode, internal topology diagram and shell assembly instructions of CC and tested equipment.

Operating Instructions

Describe the usage of each page function of the device in detail

Technical indicators

List the parameters and performance indicators of the equipment

More information

CC Egg mode open source control terminal:IoT-Power-Tools

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